An article about ELG

 در تازه های ارتباطات

Ertebatat language group
An article published in ISI journal about ELG (Ertebatat Language Group)

This article is the summary of a research conducted by a PHD student of
Teaching management and has been published in ISI journal .
Nowadays, learning a foreign language beside mother language has a crucial role in our life also learning a new language helps you to recall memories better than monolinguals moreover, you will have a higher verbal  intelligence. There are many factors which lead success in learning different languages.
This article presents effective factors involve an  institution to achieve success. The factors consist of a practical  and up- to -dated education system , Knowledge and  the art of teaching , Role of manager . And continuous assessment of learners .
 education system and syllabus :
Ertebatat language group with diversity in teaching many languages including
English, Turkish, German, French, Italian, Korean, Georgian, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic and Scandinavian language moreover, with different centers in Iran has prepared a learning oriented and professional environment for language learners. ELG(Ertebatat language group) intends to find students’ goals and learner’s priorities then tries to set a lesson plan and an education system which leads learners to achieve their goals. This  organizational behavior and discipline  which is administered in this group makes ELG the most popular institution in Iran because ELG helps students to achieve their goals. ElG utilizes communication approach in syllabus so their syllabus are very practical in different languages.
One of the essential factors in an education system is knowledge and the art of transferring it to learners.
An expert teacher can be effective in learning process. Fortunately, Teachers who work in ELG
are in advanced level and have university degrees in ELT field of study also they passed TTC courses which cover education techniques and teaching skills .
Continuous assessment of teachers are being done very carefully. Therefore ElG is a very sensitive institution in selection of teachers.
One of the essential factors in success of an institution is management ، managers in ELG are experienced and have high education degrees.

 education assessment:

Another important factor is continuous assessment of learners
ELG uses standard tests, and up-to-dated methods in progress of learners
considering different factors in success of institutions which have been study in this article we can realize why ELG is unique in Karaj and Tehran . Therefore,  some institutions use Ertebatat name for their institutions .

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Translated by Mehri.Hashamdar